Intellectual Property Services


  • Registering trademarks in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, European countries, USA and other countries;
  • Conducting searches, providing advice on the registrability of the trademarks;
  • Assignments and renewals of Registration;
  • Monitoring, identifying, violations of trademarks and making claims;
  • Canceling registered trademark as stipulated by law;
  • Implementing protection methods against counterfeit goods, including claim;
  • Applying for approval of and registering trademarks license agreements.

Patent, Utility Solution and Industrial Design

  • Registering Patents, Utility solutions and Industrial designs;
  • Conducting searches and advice on the registrability;
  • Applying for approval of and registering patents and know-how license agreements;
  • Complaining and claiming about violations relating to sole right of using patents, utility solutions;

Licensing, Franchising, Technology Transfer

  • Consulting and drafting contracts;
  • Applying for approval & registration of licensing agreements & technology transfer agreements;


  • Registering for copyright in Vietnam;
  • Advising on copyright matters;
  • Consulting services in assignments and licenses of copyrights;
  • Complaining and claiming about violations relating to copyright.

Investigation and Settlement of IP Infringement

  • Monitoring to discover counterfeits and other intellectual property infringements;
  • Providing information on infringes and their actions;
  • Preparing and representing clients in complaining to competent agencies or bringing the infringement to court;
  • Informing clients of any progress of the investigation and market.