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Procedures to change the company address

In business processes, enterIn business processes, enterprises may have to change your address with the appropriate office for plans and business strategy. LEADCONSULT Law Firm & Associates Consulting would like a change of address procedures for company client reference I. The case of change of company address: 
1 Company Change of address within the same county / district; 
2 Company Change of address within the same province / city centrally 
3 Company Change of address to the province / city under central authority. 
II. The order and procedures for change of address company 
1 Company changed addresses within the same county / district: 
No records to confirm the tax status and should not perform procedures to confirm address changes because there is no change in the tax administration unit. 
2 Company change of address within the same province / city directly under the Central Government: 03 steps 
Step 1 
Filed tax status confirmed at ease tax department is headquartered businesses - if the company is moving headquarters other districts (Details: List records confirm the tax status) 
Step 2 
Apply changes at the corporate headquarters of business registries (Details: Directory change record company address) 
Step 3 
Filing legal engraved stamp change if you change the company's headquarters other districts (Details: Directory profile legal engraved company seal) 
The procedure should be conducted after the Company change of address: 
1 Submission of declarations adjustment, additional tax registration information (Form 08-MST) where the Tax Department in the new company headquarters. 
2 Notice of Filing adjustment information in the invoice issuance notices (Form TB / 04AC) where the Tax Department in the new company headquarters (If the Company issued VAT invoices and notices issued); 
3 Carved seal new address to print on the invoice of VAT in case the company still wants to use the old VAT invoice.

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