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Registration dossier changing legal representative of the limited liability company, joint stock company consists of the following documents:
The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market
Traders and organizations register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade online about setting up a website 
Vietnam advertising law 2012
The main intellectual propety services include
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Setting up enterprises

1. Advice related to the activities established companies such as

  • Consulting model and organizational structure of the enterprise;
  • Consulting company name;
  • Consulting business choice;
  • Consulting and the ratio of capital contribution;
  • Consulting the operating mode of operation and the enterprise;
  • Advice on the relationship between managerial positions;
  • Consulting the rights and obligations of members;
  • Consulting profit sharing plan and obligations arising processing;
  • Consulting other content related.

2. Inspection and evaluation of the required consultation procedures

  • On the basis of customer requirements and documentation provided, our consultants will analyze and assess the legality and conformity with the requirements of the job;
  • Representing client’s translation, notarized papers related.
3. Completing documents, namely
  • After signing the service agreement, Leadconsult will conduct written records and documents for clients;
  • Representing clients to the Department of Planning and Investment to submit registration dossiers;
  • Representing clients to response of the Department of Planning and Investment, announced the results of the submitted dossiers for clients;
  • Representing clients to receive the result of the business registration certificate at the office of the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Carry out the procedure to seal the Enterprise;
  • Carry out registration procedures Tax Code.
4. After-sales services to clients

After setting up company, Leadconsult committed clients to support the following.
  • Providing internal company records;
  • The profile forms and contracts;
  • Providing free legal documents frequently;
  • Free consultation during the operation of the enterprise.

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