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What is required for filing a trademark application in Vietnam?

What is required for filing a trademark application in Vietnam?

For filing a trademark application in Vietnam, the following information and documents are required:

(i) Full name and address of the Applicant (required at the time of filing);
(ii) A phonetic transcription/transliteration and identification of the language used should be indicated if there are any elements of the trademark with wording other than in Roman characters (required at the time of filing);
(iii) A detailed specification of goods and/or services and its corresponding international class, if known (required at the time of filing);
(iv) A Power of Attorney, which is signed by the Applicant. No legalization or notarization is required (required within one (1) month from the filing date);
(v) Fifteen (15) clear print/specimen of the mark of a size, which is not in excess of 80x80mm and less than 15x15mm (required at the time of filing);
(vi) A certified true copy of the basic application if a convention priority is claimed and its sworn Vietnamese translation (required within 1 month from the filing date).

How long does it take to get a registration of a straightforward trademark application?

Is stipulated by law, an undisputed registration process takes 9-10 months involving three stages: (i) examination as to formality and publication of application (3 months); (ii) examination as to substance (6 months); and (iii) issuance of a registration certificate (10 days). However, it often takes quite longer in practice due to the slow process of consideration of applications at the Trademark Office.

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