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Registration of industrial designs

When intellectual property is increasingly becoming valuable and important trend of deepening integration at present, it is clear that investment in creation, registration, use, development and protection of property located knowledge is essential for any organization or individual. If trade secrets, trade names, or brand is famous the object of industrial property rights are established not need to sign kythi Industrial design is the object of industrial property rights can only be found students on the basis of the protection register. Therefore, organizations and individuals can directly apply for a degree of protection in the Intellectual Property Department or authorized representative for the Organization of intellectual property has been granted a practicing certificate to perform the related work. 

Leadconsult limited liability company with a team of attorneys, consultants extensive knowledge of industrial design, has been a representative of industrial property protection registration of industrial designs for businesses and organizations and individuals at home and abroad. 

To register for the protection of industrial designs, customers only need to give us: 
· Information authors, owners of industrial designs. 
· Photographs of industrial designs (including photos and images developed perspective) 
· Scope of products using industrial designs. 
· Power of attorney (in the form of Leadconsult) 
· A document proving ownership of industrial designs (if any, as the transfer contract) 
· Documents evidencing the priority (if any, as the first copies). 

With the above documents in the quickest time and lowest cost, Leadconsult commitment to customer service for registered industrial design professional, efficient nhat.Ngoai out, relating to protection of Style Leadconsult industrial design also provides services such as: 
· Look up information on the use and registration of protected industrial designs in Vietnam and abroad; 
· Consulting, usability evaluation, protection registration of industrial designs in Vietnam and abroad; 
· Complete applications for degree of protection for clients in the filing of the application for the extension degree of protection of industrial designs in Vietnam and abroad; 
· Research and evaluate the possibility of violating the rights of industrial designs are protected; 
· Implementation of an industrial design rights are protected: investigation, monitoring, negotiation / mediation, court action or request the competent authority to dispose of the infringement in Vietnam and abroad; 
· Negotiating, drafting, evaluation and registration of contracts for the right to use or transfer the ownership of industrial designs in Vietnam and abroad; 

For more information about service industrial design registration, please contact: 
Contact: Company Law LeadConsult 
Tel: 0917023599, 0919247658, 04 73052929 
Email: office@leadconsult.com.vn 
Address: No. 58, Lane 192/72 on Le Trong Tan, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

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