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Registration dossier changing legal representative of the limited liability company, joint stock company consists of the following documents:
The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market
Traders and organizations register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade online about setting up a website 
Vietnam advertising law 2012
The main intellectual propety services include
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International cooperation

LEADCONSULT maintains a wide range of cooperation with many foreign and international law firms on the matters of Vietnamese law in relation to transactions and works in and related to Vietnam. The cooperation includes but not limited to leadconsult’s assistance in various transactions on cross-border investment, cross border credit and facilities, cross-border disputes resolution, oversea IPO, due diligences, international trade and procurements, Technology Transfer, IPR and other issues. In addition to a close and regular working relationship with international law firm, and other a number of foreign law firms operating in Vietnam.

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