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Registration dossier changing legal representative of the limited liability company, joint stock company consists of the following documents:
The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market
Traders and organizations register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade online about setting up a website 
Vietnam advertising law 2012
The main intellectual propety services include
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Enterprise-related services

In line with the development of enterprise, LEADCONSULT provides comprehensive assistant services for daily business operations of the enterprise, particularly:

  • Business Strategy: including product strategy, market approach and control, development and expansion of the enterprise;
  • Management Consultancy: including the consultancy on the transformation to the new management model to meet the requirement of equitization of enterprise and integration into the international market;
  • Corporate Financing: introduction of source of capital to enterprise, application for investment incentive;
  • Accounting services: including services relating to the completion of accounting book, financial statement, internal auditing, tax consultancy;
  • Information Management: including establishment and management of database, computerized management program;
  • Establishment of Distribution System Network;
  •  Import Export Consultancy;
  • Marketing and Advertising: including public and press relation services, etc;
  •  Management Training;
  • Quality and Standard Management of ISO/SA: including the application for certificate of quality and standard management in accordance with the specific market;
  • Technology Transfer: including the application of approval of transferred technology;
  • Management of intellectual property objects, including draft of regulation;
  • Registration for advertisement of product, including review, revise the content of advisement in legal respect;
  •  Intellectual Property and Franchising: including aboard trademark registration service and service of anti-infringements of intellectual property and unfair competition;
  • Legal and administrative procedures: including the registration of business activities supplementation, establishment of the branch, presenting before the Court or Arbitration, etc.

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