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Registration dossier changing legal representative of the limited liability company, joint stock company consists of the following documents:
The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market
Traders and organizations register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade online about setting up a website 
Vietnam advertising law 2012
The main intellectual propety services include
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Permit synthesis of websites

The development of information technology has brought about the news websites aggregate social culture ... is opened up, and you need a website license to those Web sites. Foreseeing the demand, the company has deployed LEADCONSULT Law Services permits website with service quality perfect. Before you make your website work need to learn the following information: 
Permit synthesis of websites 
- As of now, the organization is operating in accordance with the law and must be sure of business mandates in accordance with information content license application website; 
- Is there sufficient technical facilities, personnel, information management programs consistent with the scale of operations, ensuring the provision of information on electronic communications do not violate the provisions of Article 5 of Decree 72 / 2013 / ND-CP and 4 of Circular 14/2010; 
- Who is responsible for website management synthesis must meet the following conditions: 
1 As the head of the organization, business or person who is head of the organization, authorized business; 
2 Vietnam nationality and permanent address or temporary residence in Vietnam; 
3 Graduate University. 
No documentation required amount Prepared by 
Investors Leadconsult 
1 An application for a license to set up the website revision 04 and sign and seal Draft 
2 certified true copy of one of the papers: 
- Certificate of Business Registration (for business enterprises established by law) 
- Certificate of investors (for enterprises established under the Law on Investment); 
- Decision on the establishment (for non-business organizations) functions and duties in accordance with information content on the website together with the permit application and written approval of the governing body (if there); 
- License journalistic activities (for press agencies) Notarized copy 04 Review and evaluation 
3 university diploma (certified copy) and curriculum vitae of the person responsible for managing the website certified by the state agency authorized, with photos and sealed copy 04 Editing authentication 
4 licensing scheme set up websites synthesis and signed 04 draft revision 
5 written approval of organizations provide information to ensure the legality of the 04 sources 
Support seeking written approval as required 
6 Certificate of registration of domain names (or papers of equivalent value) Notarized copy 04 Review & Rating 
7 in the main home page and the page with a stamp (04 feet) from the original on 04 Review & Rating 
8 The commitment to aggregate news content 04 Complete and sign the draft information and review 
To support Leadconsult drafted and written commitment scheme, clients need to provide the following information: 
1 Purpose Publication; 
2 Type the information provided; 
3 Scope of the information provided; 
4 Contents Page; 
The 5 main categories and details of the website; 
6 Sources; 
7 Objects of Page served; 
8 Technical information processing; 
9 The frequency of updates; 
There are 10 professional management information (list); 
There are 11 professional management information (list) as Page Personnel: Must be fully competent person responsible for the content of information, a list of those responsible for editorial websites, providing full information about permanent residence, current residence, contact.

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