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work permit.

Services for granting work permits to foreigners is one of the most prominent services of the Company Law LEADCONSULT. With a team of lawyers and associates have many years in the consulting field, knowledgeable labor environment in Vietnam, LEADCONSULT Law Firm is committed to bringing peace of mind to foreigners working in Vietnam South to register a work permit. 
I. dossier of application for a work permit for foreigners: 
1 A written request (form); 
2 02 4 x 6 photo (white background, without glasses, taking the area); 
3 Health certificate bring it to register a work permit; 
4 foreign judicial record (mandatory) and Vietnam judicial records (if needed); 
5 Proof of the capacity of workers (by certifying experience) when registering a work permit; (*) 
6 written approval of the provincial / city; 
7 passport (certified true copy); 
8 The other relevant documents; 
(*) When the work permit registration: Proof of the capacity of workers depends on the position of the employees working in Vietnam. With each different location will have different requirements, including qualification and validation experience. 
II. The scope of services of the  Leadconsult 
♦ Consultation overview for workers on work permits; 
♦ Advice on work location and identification capabilities of foreign workers; 
♦ Advice on procedures for applying judicial record of a work permit; 
♦ Advice on preparing dossiers of application for written approval of the City People's Committee to grant work permits; 
♦ Send the written application requesting the approval of the People's Committee and working on behalf of clients with competent bodies of work permits; 
♦ Create an application for a permit labor supply client information; 
♦ Synthesis and complete dossiers work permit; 
♦ behalf of clients applying to the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, to monitor and record the results; 
♦ Advise clients obligations of employers and workers after being granted a work permit; 
III. Implementation process 
No contents of the working time 
1 Consultation overview of work permits for clients; 
Drafting all documents necessary for obtaining work permits and transfer client to sign; 1 working day 
2 Please written approval of the City People's Committee; 1 month 
3 Complete documents and filing to get results when 10 working days 
4 Advising clients after being granted a work permit 
* Client wishing to accelerate the procedures for applying work permit, please contact us directly for specific advice.

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