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Registration dossier changing legal representative of the limited liability company, joint stock company consists of the following documents:
The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market
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Vietnam advertising law 2012
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The strong growth of the economy in which the competition between the organizations and businesses together to dominate the market and advertising clients is the basic method for accessing enterprise customer market domination goods. Under the provisions of the Advertising Law 2012 to carry out promotional activities, organizations and individuals must have written certification by the advertising agency of state-level advertising. The advertising certificate issued by any agency shall be determined on the basis of products, services and other forms of advertising, however, due to the complexity of decentralized state should advertise identifying body competent authority for the organization, business professionals are not very difficult. So now the majority of enterprises are applying certificate in the form of advertising for the company authorized service. 
  Leadconsult is a professional consultant in the legal field. We currently provide services for customers licensing registration advertising with advertising for many products, different services. To advertise a license customers need to provide us: 
· Power of attorney; 
· A copy of business registration; 
· Maket advertising, reflected color, size. 

Also, depending on the product, advertising clients need to provide: 
· For the ad on TV: TVC / CD scenario. 
· For the ad Autos: Copies car registration and circulation conditions by state agencies or competent appraisal. Where car hire someone else must have copy of the contract or memorandum of understanding between the advertising done for all advertising media. 
· For advertising, including promotion: text has legal value of the state management agency for the certification of commercial deals content. 
· For outdoor advertising signs: contract hire locations where the ad if the billboards were rented from others; Written evaluation of the competent authority of construction for the case of advertisements placed outdoors on construction law regulations to appraisal of building structures. 
· Where caohang advertising goods and services normally Copies of proof of conformity of the goods with the standards and specifications prescribed by law for the quality of goods 
· In case of advertising goods or services in the health sector: Depending on the type of goods and services that must be one of the following documents: 

- For human drug advertising; vaccines, biological medical products; chemicals, pesticides and disinfectants used in the field of medical use; food, food additives must obtain receipt of the dossier advertising agency under the Ministry of Health; 
- For advertisements examination and treatment of medical facilities and treatment of foreign investment; basis of foreign direct physician examination and treatment in modern medicine, traditional medicine, surgery, rehabilitation establishments in the area must have a copy of a certificate of satisfaction conditions of practice by the Ministry of Health or the Department of Health; 
- For the advertising of medical devices manufacturing facility, medical equipment business of foreign investment; imported medical equipment, medical equipment of the production facilities, the business must have a copy of the technical documentation (if it is a foreign language documents must be translated into Vietnamese) by manufacturer production was promulgated agency medical equipment producers to accept or licensed circulation; 
- For food advertising, food additives receive no paper record of the advertising agency under the Ministry of Health must have a copy of the base standard and profile paper published reception quality standards food hygiene and safety of the health authority authorized; 
- For cosmetic producers in the country must have a copy of the receipt of the published standards of quality goods and Declaration of goods quality standards. For advertising imported cosmetics must be allowed to circulate copies of cosmetics and registration dossier circulation of cosmetic medical institutions authorized; 

· In case of advertising goods and services in the agricultural sector: Depending on the type of goods and services that must be one of the following documents: 
- For advertising plant protection chemicals, pesticide raw material, beneficial organisms used in plant protection, plant protection materials must have a copy of the certificate of registration, user manual and the special warnings; 
- For veterinary medicine to advertising copy circulation permit and a summary of the product characteristics; 
- To promote crop varieties and animal breeds, plant varieties, animal breeds must have a copy of the certificate of accreditation animal breeds and plant varieties imported; 
- For advertising fertilizers and bio products service of cultivation; animal feed and raw materials used feed processing, bioproducts breeding must serve a copy of the certificate of product quality or self-published text quality products. 

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Vietnam advertising law 2012