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copyright registration

Copyrights are the rights of organizations and individuals for the works they have created or own. Copyrights are recognized for literature, art, science books, lectures, musical works, dramatic works, cinematographic works, art works and applied art, works product photography, architectural works, computer software. Copyright arises automatically from the moment the work is fixed in a certain material form, regardless of the work published or unpublished, registered or unregistered. 

Current status of infringement of copyright in Vietnam is very common and complex at the same time when the infringement is detected, the processor issues also extremely difficult due to lack of legal basis, no or difficult to regulations, prove who is the author of a work by most of the authors are not registered copyright protection. So even though not required to benefit from the right, but registration of copyright in the Copyright Bureau will be the legal protection firm, provides convenience for people is recognized as the author / owner when disputes occur. 
Leadconsult limited liability company with a team of attorneys, consultants extensive knowledge of copyright has done registration, copyright protection for authors, copyright owners for works of other types registration nhau.De copyright protected client just give us: 
· Copies of the registration phamcan; 

Information that works: published or not; time, location, type of publication; 
· Full name, pen name (if applicable), address, phone number, fax of the author / co-author. 
· Power of attorney of the author / co-author (LeadConsult sample). 
· Notarized copy of the identity card of the author / authors; 
· Notarized copy of business registration of the copyright owner (if any); 
· Paper reassured by the author / co-author (Leadconsult sample) 
· Declaration transfer files from the author / co-author of the organization or company (with signature confirmation); or certificate for registration work is being carried out according to work tasks 

In addition, with respect to copyright protection Leadconsult also provide services such as: 
· Advice on the arising basis, the establishment, the basic limitations of copyright. 
· Identify the author or owner of the copyright, especially when the work is created in the order contracts; 
· Consulting, represent clients involved negotiating and drafting contracts for the use, transfer and other contracts relating to copyright. 
· Complaints about decisions relating to the certificate of copyright. 
· Consult and coordinate with competent state agencies to handle violations of copyrights 

For more general information about services copyright registration, please contact: 
Contact: Company Law LeadConsult 
Tel: 0917023599, 0919247658, 04 73052929 
Email: office@leadconsult.com.vn 
Address: No. 58, Lane 192/72 on Le Trong Tan, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi

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